Vacuum through Hydrogen Sintering Furnace

alpha alumina (Al2O3)  with the trading name of Alumond is the final step in the thermal decomposition of hydroxides. Aluminium oxide exists in many forms, α, χ, η, δ, κ, θ, γ, ρ; these arise during the heat treatment of aluminium hydroxide or aluminium oxy hydroxide.  The most thermodynamically stable form is α-aluminium oxide.

Vacuum through hydrogen sintering furnace is charged with hydrogen to protect the furnace state, adopting the principle of intermediate frequency induction heating to get the tungsten crucible coil generating heat by thermal radiation transfer to the sintered materials and refractory alloys, such as tungsten, molybdenum, titanium and its alloys molding powder sintering. It is equipped with safety explosion-proof equipment improve the safety of the equipment and realize the high voltage, low current, energy-saving effect. The insulation layer is made of a special structure design, improve equipment reliability. Automatic temperature control which can provide multiple thermal curve for storage, select or recycling, the sintering process can be recorded and output. IGBT frequency power supply, with stable and high efficiency output.

Main technical index:

Model Uniform Temperature Zone Max. Temperature Ultimate pressure Pressure rising rate Medium frequency power Medium frequency voltage Intermediate  frequency Teperature control precision
Unit mm(Φ×H) Pa Pa/h KW V HZ
RHIS-160 350×500 2400 10-1 0.67 160 300 2500 ≤±10
RHIS-250 560×800 2400 10-1 0.67 250 350 2500 ≤±10
RHIS-350 650×1200 2400 10-1 0.67 350 450 2000 ≤±10
RHIS-500 800×1500 2400 10-1 0.67 500 500 1500 ≤±15
RHIS-750 900×1700 2400 10-1 0.67 750 750 1000 ≤±15