Vacuum induction heating reaction sintering furnace

Vacuum induction heating reaction sintering furnace adopts the medium frequency induction heating principle in a vacuum or inert gas conditions by allowing the induction coil generating an alternating magnetic field, and then the graphite crucible and the induction coil generates eddy currents were self-heating. Graphite crucible is to produce high temperature and make radiation to the work-piece to reach the desired temperature. It mainly used in silicon carbide reaction sintering process. Sinter temperature can reach 2500C, it assembled by rebinding system, deducting system, rapid cooling system, heating chamber, vacuum system, heating system.

Furnace type: vertical type, horizontal type, bottom loading type.

Main technical index:

Model Uniform Temperature Zone Max. Temperature Ultimate pressure Pressure rising rate Medium frequency power Intermediate  frequency Teperature control precision
Unit mm(Φ×H) Pa Pa/h KW HZ
RVIS-160 500×800 2000 7×10-1 1.5 160 2000 ≤±10
RVIS-250 650×800 2000 7×10-1 1.5 250 2000 ≤±10
RVIS-350 900×1200 2000 7×10-1 2 350 1500 ≤±10
RVIS-500 1200×1500 2000 7×10-1 2 500 1500 ≤±10
RVIS-750 1500×2000 2000 7×10-1 2 750 1000 ≤±10