Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace

Spark plasma sintering (SPS), is a new fast sintering technology in recent years.
This kind of technology is adding pulse current is heated and sintered in the powder particles, so it sometime called plasma activated sinteriny ,PAS, or Plasma Assister Sinterity , PAS.
The vacuum SPS furnace use the special designed power control devoice -on – off control button. The DC pulse voltage is applied to the powder sample.
This kind of design not only use normal discharge sintering (Discharge impact pressure and Joule heating) but also use the spark discharge in the initial stage of pulsed discharge (instantaneous high temperature plasma) This kind of high temperature could improve the fast sintering and high temperature densification.
Due to its unique sintering mechanism, the SPS furnace have fast heating speed, low sintering temperature, short sintering time,environment friendly, SPS has been widely used in the preparation of nano materials, functional gradient materials, metal materials, magnetic materials, composite materials, ceramics and other materials.