Andalusite is an Alumino-silicate mineral  with the chemical formula of Al2SiO5, commonly found in metamorphic rocks that they were in the lower pressure mid temperature .it is a high purity mineral. Andalusite is a prismatic and anhydrous crystal. It transforms into Mullite at low temperature, between 1200°C and 1550°C for micronized grades. At higher temperatures and pressures, Andalusite may convert to Sillimanite.

A clear variety first found in Andalusia, Spain and it was named as the same name of that place. Considering the high volume of consuming, it has been interested to extract from related mines in different places of the world. Nowadays South Africa possesses by far are the largest portion of the world’s known Andalusite deposits.

Because of these Specifications using Andalusite has benefits in kind of industries such as refractory, foundry, ceramic & kiln furniture:

  • Volume stability
  • Very good creep resistance and refractoriness under load
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • Good chemical attack, slag and metal penetration resistances
  • improve casting quality and reduce the risk of defects

Noyan Gostaresh Trade Co. pleased to supply the best quality of Andalusite with different grades (%Al₂O₃: 53.6, 58.7, 59.5, 60.0) originated from South Africa mines.