Tabular Alumina

Alumond as Tabular Alumina is a pure sintered α-alumina material that fully dandified by rapid sintering without the use of sintering aids in temperature ranges above 1900oC . This Alumond includes the α-alumina crystals with the length up to 200µm and well-shaped hexagonal tablet.

The excellent thermal volume stability and thermal shock resistivity characters of this product can be attributed to its specific microstructure, low open porosity and large crystals with closed spherical pores, which are entrapped upon recrystallization during rapid sintering. Alumond has extremely high refractoriness, high mechanical strength  and abrasion resistance, very good chemical purity, excellent dielectric properties and good resistance against acid and alkali corrosion. Alumond being used in a variety of industrial applications such as steel, foundry , petrochemical and ceramics. Other common applications includes its use in electrical insulator , kiln furniture and as catalyst support.

Ground Alumond is an excellent product to be used as a filler in epoxy or resin systems where high dielectric, thermal conductivity or abrasion resistance is required.