High vacuum sintering furnace

High vacuum sintering furnace is used in kinds alloy materials, components, magnetic rare earth materials, hydrogen storage alloy, activity and refractory metals vacuum sintering, aging heat treatments. This equipment was based on international excellent equipment technology, after many times improvement, using unique internal (external) air flow circulation method and powerful vacuum pump group, it has cooling average, high speed, temperature uniformity, large sucking rate, temperature uniformity controllable, high vacuum degree and no leakage advantages. Cooling method divide into internal circulation (RVSX) and external circulation (RVS).

The control system was controlled by PLC, temperature was controlled by intelligent temp controller, accurate control, high automation. User can choose auto or manual undisturbed switching to operate it, this furnace has abnormal condition alarming function, easy to operate.

Environmental protection performance has been improved, maintenance cost saving, energy cost saving.

Main technical index:

Model Temperature

Uniformity size WxHxL(mm)

Max temp(℃) Ultimate vacuum degree (Pa)

(cold-empty condition)

Pressure rising rate (Pa/h) (cold-empty condition) Cooling speed(1100C to 150C,min, empty furnace) Temp uniformity(℃)(vacuum、empty) Loading capacity(Kg)
RVS-75G 300x300x500 1300 2×10-3 0.5 ≤20 ±3 75
RVS/RVSX-100G 400x400x800 1300 2×10-3 0.5 ≤20 ±3 100
RVS/RVSX-150G 450x450x900 1300 2×10-3 0.5 ≤20 ±3 150
RVS/RVSX-200G 450x450x1100 1300 2×10-3 0.5 ≤20 ±3 200
RVS/RVSX-300G 600x600x1100 1300 2×10-3 0.5 ≤20 ±3 300
RVS/RVSX-500G 600x600x1400 1300 2×10-3 0.5 ≤20 ±3 500
RVS-1TG 700x700x1500 1300 2×10-3 0.5 ≤20 ±3 1000