About Us

Noyan Gostraesh Trading Corp., being established in 2008 with cooperation of a group of experts in the field of engineering and business consultants. The company main goal being held to supply the domestic industry with raw materials, machineries and Technologies.

By the use of the up to dated Technology and by leaning on to its sophisticated managers the company was able to find it right place on the domestic and global market,  by such consideration the company had gotten good feedback on the supply of Raw materials, machinery and offering technological and business solutions , for heavy industry , Tile and Ceramic , Refractory , Glass, Metallurgy and Chemical industries.

Beside them all, having the capability of offering wide range of raw materials for such industries made the company a great honor, and made the firm to be much more confident and powerful to go on by the path.

It is almost clear that, the consistency and benefit of any kind of business is upon to the satisfaction of its customers. So the Company and the head managers tried their best to give their best offer in case of Business, Abilities, Solutions, Services, etc. to their customers in order not ignore this point of view at all.

We consider our customers as our main investment and give our excellent services to each of them, separately , securely  and continuous.